Sunday, January 1, 2012


First photographs taken in 2012 of our Art Deco pirate couple amidst my Scottish Deerhound trophies and assorted sighthound/canine antiques atop the living room piano...
...and below, the last photos of 2011 taken at a New Year's Eve party, chez sporting pals of Mr. Twister who noted, "This is my favorite house of all my friends." It is indeed happily whimsical, with fossils and opaque rocks lit from behind built into its vintage California Craftsman stonework.
Above, Shaka the hosts' Malinois and Mr. Twister. Below, Mr. Twister and yours truly at selfsame New Year's Eve party, only too glad that there is to be a 2012 for us both. Note heavenly rays of light descending on our heads confirming this.

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