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"It's My Party (And I'll Cry If I Want To)" (model: Stacey Q)
Here are some of my photographs for the tv commercial for Warner Bros. "Supergirls" collection of classic 50s/60s girl groups on LPs, audiocassettes and 8-tracks(!) Yes, it was the 1980s, era of K-Tel-type infomercial sales overkill on television, and Warner Special Products wanted something a little classier.
Above, "I Can't Stay Mad At You" (models: Kirk Henry of Christopher Milk and Mary Kay of The Dogs)

The visual theme encompassed biker and rocker types. I appreciated the chance to photograph this; however, they said to get models who look like musicians without giving me a budget to do so. Instead, I got musicians who looked like models. My UCLA chum Kirk Henry (see LINK and read pp. 18 - 46) was a natural and had been in films. He introduced me to Stacey Q before her "Two Of Hearts" single broke and she graciously agreed to model. By the time the advert aired, Warners were gobsmacked to discover photos of a #1 hit single artist in their own tv ad for girl groups.

"He's So Fine." Seen above are members of The Wild Hairs, Ten Tons of Lies, Crickette Lum (The Diamond Dolls, also an actual model,) and a statue of Myrna Loy in front of Venice High School, Venice CA. Yes, actual onetime Venice High student Ms. Loy indeed posed for same.

Crickette Lum (far left) and members of The Wild Hairs and Ten Tons of Lies all want to be "Bobby's Girl."

Above, "Please Mr. Postman" (models, Crickette Lum and members of the bands The Wild Hairs and Ten Tons of Lies.)

Below, Stacey Q and Kirk Henry go to the "Chapel Of Love" and are gonna get married in the song. We all agreed looked this church looked like a tacky Big Box mall store of the era, hence its photogenic presence. It has since been torn down, like everything else in L.A. older than two months.

Unlike Kirk and Stacey, models Crickette Lum and George Oswald
(who played with David Swanson, formerly of The Pop, George remaining unseen here but in another ensemble model location shoot at Hop Singh's Club in Marina Del Rey for this ad) genuinely had the look of love when they posed, as they later married and remain so to this day.

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