Sunday, September 5, 2010


I once was shooting a photo op on '70s dance artists like The Bee Gees and Vicki Sue Whatshername during a later era, and it's funny, when Donna Summer's turn came and she seemed nervous, body language all insecure/hesitant rather than the robotic overconfidence we associate with superstars, the scruffy punk-clad photographers all kept reassuring her aloud "No, no, we really like you Donna!" because she wrote so much of her own material and did far more work in the studio with mentor Giorgio Moroder than was recognized. I hadn't seen that bonhomie between celeb subject and the photo press before and I haven't seen it allowed since.

P.S. rest in peace Donna Summer, May 17, 2012.


Bernard Yin said...

Really a neat account Heather. In fact, touching … I recently found myself referencing part of the "I Feel Love" melody in, of all things, a surf styled rendition of Popcorn. It just appeared out of the ether. I remember first hearing Donna Summer as a kid and tripping out on how cool the music sounded. It wasn't disco to me; more of a new style of art like a sonic Pollock in a Fellini film.

Fast Film said...

I agree, Bernard. "I Feel Love" could have been sung by her for Brian Eno!

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