Saturday, September 18, 2010


photos by
of Pravda

A five-piece, self-described garage-glam, current combo from Detroit, The Ruiners include a winsome if hardcore Russian babe, an art professor, a fuzzmeister guitarist, a devoted couple, and a genuine pyromaniac, some of whom may coincide in the same person. Newest release in their reign of terror is "Happy Birthday Bitch!" replete with ditties of beer runs, sugar highs, zombie porn stars, outfoxing the constabulary, and assorted pop culture angst sung by Rick Ruiner over sleazebucket popcore as some sort of unholy two-headed grafting of late Cramp Lux Interior cum The Partridge Family. I quite like it.

And I'd probably like it even more live, wherein amid the
bubblegum/psychobilly/go go chaos singer Rick ignites his own trousers (or hapless objects around him) with lighter fluid. Anyone who sets his or her self on fire for our entertainment pleasure is someone I admire, previous practicioners being The Crazy World of Arthur Brown whose eponymous vocalist set his own headdress on fire, and (Mr. Fastfilm) Mr. Twister during his first band Christopher Milk's daze, who set his bare torso and arms on fire onstage some, gulp, forty years ago.

For more variety, the below sample video is not from the aforementioned CD since one presumes even the average enlightened reader will be obtaining same on his or her lonesome.

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