Wednesday, September 1, 2010

NEW YORK JUNK, underground rock today

"Passion of the 10th St. blues NYC '77": a favorite new listen in my car and premises! You get the inside gatefold of NY JUNK's cd for most representative image, seen above as A) their self-description remains a pretty good assessment (and you get to see bassist Cynthia's autograph) and B) I haven't had the pleasure of photographing them live yet.

There's a certain signature sound of rockers that clambered onto to the mid-1970s NYC proto-punk and punk scene: lyrics intoned about urban hard times via emphatic, slightly whiny vocals over a simple but cooking band sound with an underpinning of blues or R&B, more referential to whom the NY Dolls and Jim Carroll listened, rather than to whom the all-wild-all-the-time Stooges and Ramones did.

Singer/guitarist Joe Sztabnik delivers aforementioned emphatic vocals in a likeable growl as well (lest one misconstrue a prior adjective, I like his voice a lot); former B-Girls (an original '70s punk band with much deserved press in the anti-Rolling Stone bible of the day "Rock Scene") Cynthia Ross is the undisputed Queen of the walking bass lines, and Gary Barnett drums the trio into shape.

You can order the NEW YORK JUNK cd and catch a few Youtubes via their website LINK.

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