Sunday, September 12, 2010

DAVID WERNER revisited

It's David Werner, the lost American Glam superstar of the 1970s, described by those who saw him live with accolades something like "as good an artist as Bowie but with a more muscular sound." The above song was gleaned from his third LP the self-titled David Werner, to my ears his best, wherein every song was a gem, all the arrangements perfect for the Glam idiom, and the overall sound of the band remained excellent throughout.

None of his three LPs made the modern transmogrification to interim cd format, and his files are sold separately, losing the continuity of the original whole works. When you do find them assembled, it's so jarring to hear something this great of which you had no prior knowledge.

His guitar partner Mark Doyle and he still work together occasionally, but in the intervening 35 years, you'll probably only encounter Werner's name on songwriting credits for Billy Idol and such.

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Evanesco said...

must look up more of this! I keep coming back and playing it :) As always, I bow to the great music you always lead me to.

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