Thursday, July 10, 2014

ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE 1960s...the teen me

Screen captures of a teenaged me in a student film. This was a LONG time ago in the later 1960s -- I look nothing like this at present. 

Plot: I stride through Topanga Canyon scowling like Mimsy Farmer*, climb the stairs with Dylan saluting overhead, cue: SONG LINK even if it wasn't there, cut to "interacting" with my favorite leading man of the day and bane of my adolescence (see BANE LINK) since his casting was the only reason I consented to the softcore scenes (hey, it was the '60s,) we stroll around Westwood Village together, I again stride through Topanga Canyon and contemplate or enact suicide. Huh? Holy Nouvelle Vague, Batman! 

I now realize the background panning shots feature vintage Westwood Village, Calif. circa 1968; fr'instance, the first screen capture below shows the pretty tiled fountain in front of what was then Bank of America that attracted all the anti-Vietnam War protests (because of its primo spot across the street from everyone's favorite, large record store,) hence its removal of course.  This was a common civic government tactic of the era: rezone and remove "offending" gathering spots of 1960s youth, as with the bulldozing of favorite Sunset Strip music club Pandora's Box and turning it into a traffic island (the film Riot on Sunset Strip* incorporates much footage of it.)

      disenfranchised teenagers' 
 favorite candidate 

*BONUS MIMSY: Here's Riot on Sunset Strip, The Wild Racers Mimsy Farmer back in the day, scowling in my favorite of her wild girl roles More (with Pink Floyd's first film soundtrack): FILM LINK (Ibiza will never again look as isolated as it did here ever again.) Director Barbet Shroeder later shot one of my alltime fave films Reversal of Fortune with Jeremy Irons as Claus Von Bulow (won the Oscar for this supporting role in it!) and Ron Silver as Alan Dershowitz) plus her own current art website from her digs in Europe: MIMSY LINK
 Vintage Mimsy Farmer in the cinema:

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