Wednesday, July 30, 2014



Our annual jaunt to scenic Lompoc, California for Western Sighthound Specialty with lots of Scottish Deerhounds courtesy of the Golden State Deerhound Club's efforts. The weather is always perfect despite it being July in Southern Calif.,and Mr. Twister chose to document same with a Polaroid camera! Above, one of his gorgeous results in black and white.  Karis definitely was ready for her close up, Mr. DeMille. Guest photogapher: Kurt Ingham.                                

Below, Mr. Twister visits Leo

Guest photographer Kurt Ingham, below: I groom, therefore I am

Below, Lyonhil Karis Eden Pedecaris, guest photographer Mary Ann Rose

 Mr. Twister far right, and canine confab

Below, Joan Garth's Scottish Deerhound puppies, plus Borzoi puppies, equally friendly. Below pups: whole lotta Borzoi
Below, Scottish Deerhounds at rest: left, Leo; right, Karis


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

We are developing a new website to promote Lompoc as a destination, and will be including a listing of the dog show as one of the annual events. Would you be willing to provide a couple of photos for our website as a courtesy? We would include photo credit for you. Please advise. Ruth Ballin

Fast Film said...

Hi Ruth, I'll ask Kurt about the black and white one, and the color ones are okay by me. Please provide an email address, as these are too compressed to be useful.
Heather @

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