Sunday, July 20, 2014


Superb writing--"...adept at conveying life's little bedevilments..." about a superb actor, I could never improve on this New York Times' piece about a personal fave actor and show, "The Rockford Files." 

FYI, "Rockford" was one of the first and few tv shows with lots of female contribution, women producers and writers. Juanita Bartlett seems to have been responsible for the '70s proto-Sopranos scripts about the banal everyday doings of mafiosi encountered by the protagonist, with beleaguered dons screaming for kids to get off their lawns while their underlings furiously brown-nosed them. There also were more sympathetic female characters from all walks of life, amongst them an attorney who could spring Rockford from any incarcerated transgression whatsoever, a battle-ax office pool manager with unanticipated bravery, and (above) Lauren Bacall playing an aging glamour girl jet-setter with the on-the-mooch lifestyle of entourages of the super-rich.

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