Monday, February 27, 2012


Above, Deerhounds take the concept of pool party literally.
Daytrippers Mr. Twister and I motored to the Del Mar dog show and an after-show party Saturday (2.25.12) at the lovely estate of a gracious exhibitor. This social proffered a chance for canines to mingle and freely gambol en masse. Although a Golden Retriever and an Affenpinscher made an appearance, the main attraction was Scottish Deerhounds, a rare breed in the U.S. known there mainly for 2011's Best in Show winner at Westminster and their starring roles in the films "Out of Africa" and Disney's upcoming "Brave." (Serious afficianados claim the British "I Know Where I'm Going" as the ultimate movie spotlighting Deerhounds" as it features a whole pack of 'em, including one which adoringly paws lead actress Dame Wendy Hiller.)

Deerhounds act out "Getting To Know You" from musical "The King and I."

Everybody loves a puppy!

Below, Mr. Twister, his camera, and canines.

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