Wednesday, February 8, 2012

STRAY PHOTOS from 1969 and 1971

Typical of how I spent my time between classes at UCLA, concocting shoots like this 1971 one above with my then roommate Barbara Legarra, a beauteous Basque-American. These were photo sessions wherein locations were found ahead of time and fitted in between the models' busy academic schedules.
Above is the friend mentioned in "How I Started A Riot 41 Years Ago" (LINK) which I'll more accurately quantify here as 1969.
The photo on the right was shot at selfsame riot, the other in Westwood Village and the two dry-mounted as a folding diptych for some long forgotten art class assignment. It's funny how I've never lacked for highly attractive friends to photograph since my teenaged years and beyond.


Kim Baise said...

beautiful early works! i love all the debris/destruction and the big that water?

Fast Film said...

hi Kim, this was before either big earthquake in L.A. (Sylmar, Northridge) so I'm guessing water seepage.

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