Saturday, March 3, 2012


Exuberant in all her extrovert glory, singer/songwriter extraordinaire, the emotive Ruby Friedman of eponymous
Ruby Friedman Orchestra excited all
2.28.12 at the Hotel Cafe, Hollywood, showing off (besides my inadvertent alliterations) their new repertoire for their forthcoming release. As yet untitled, it's due out summer 2012, and predictably should be excellent.

One of the gig's RFO songs already heard on television's "Sons of Anarchy," the beautiful "Drowned" kept looping in my brain for the next day/week/month with its resolute chorus "I will go further out than where you drowned," to me a metaphor of ambition in our treacherous music business.

Above, Ruby whistles the overture to the set. (No, it wasn't "Patience" by Guns N' Roses, although this band has been known to rock out covering AC/DC.) Below, the rest of the Orchestra for the evening.

"Drowned" at the Cafe Hotel video

A veritable Dire-o-rama this time! Paraphilia Magazine co-editor Dire McCain above showing off her animal anima, and below channeling Cindy Sherman's art oeuvre.
Smiling for the camera with Dire in assorted configurations below are Ron Garmon and his main squeeze Romona Machado, Steven W, (the one who resembles a more Punk version of his pal John Barrymore III,) Muso Journalist Supreme Chris Morris also of Watusi Rodeo radio program fame, and Dire's pal Christine with the ink.

Lastly, our party spotted these unforgettable shoes. Lack of shadows cast despite bright outdoor lighting outside the club suggests possible vampirism afoot...

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