Tuesday, June 14, 2016


This was an emergency photo session of five giant 40-foot rabbits in downtown Los Angeles (since they they were slated to leave within a single week) with esteemed rabbit owner Jeremy White, lead singer/ songwwriter/ guitarist/ harmonica player of esteemed band The Blessings (see LINK, LINK or LINK.)

The Brobdingnagian rabbits were a free to the public art installation called "Intrude" by Australian artist Amanda Parer (website: LINK) which has toured many major cities in the United States over the course of Spring 2016.

Lit from within, the inflatable rabbits were quite realistically depicted in genuine lepus poses, according to Jeremy, owner of white rabbit Marshmallow. (Long before the incompatible hunting dogs, I too had a pet rabbit named Pubic Hare.)

Of course instead of looking out
for art vandals to the fragile pieces or far worse, Security chose to try to stop our session in the midst of a veritable barrage of phone selfies by the surrounding public. "No professionals allowed!" they claimed saying it wasn't a public art installation (huh?) but an "event." So we just avoided them.
Lastly, my favorite photo from
the shoot herein since I also like whatever it is that the young girl is doing back there.

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