Friday, February 5, 2016

THE BLESSINGS and THE TIP Live at The Mint 1.16.16, and on to The Bigs

 The Blessings above, left to right: Mike Gavigan- guitar, Jeremy White- lead vocals, guitar, harmonica, Jason Upright- drums, Lavone Barnett-Seetal- vocals, Duffy Snowhill- bass (Jeffrey Howell- keyboards, off camera this shot)

 The Tip below, l-r: Ricky Dover- guitar, Benny Carl- lead vocals, guitar, Dixie Carl- drums, (Rob Jordon-bass, off camera this shot)
Do you all you jaded music biz professionals care about local bands? I sure do, because the great ones grow up to be major bands (observation based upon 45 years' track record of same.)  

Best encounter lately: at The Mint, Los Angeles,, The Blessings who perform and arrange like The Bigs, catchy blues-rock songwriters with keyboards, harmonica and additional singer in tow, sounding rather like early '70s Rolling Stones' alternate tracks with entirely different vocals. Already they've earned airplay in two major markets, Rodney Bingenheimer's "Rodney on the ROQ" on KROQ, Los Angeles, and in Tokyo, Japan.

Co-billed were The Tip, local to Nashville, Tennessee and a polished, loud aggregate who resembled a young Van Halen/NY Dolls/MotleyCrueishPoisonesque mashup with their arena-ready stage gear and mien.  You should have been there!

Assorted Blessings:


 Set list: She Thinks She Loves Me, Born With Horns, Ran Out Of Teardrops, Shipwrecked, Mississippi Moon, Tomahawk Inn, Twisted Little Heart, Drink In Her Hand

The Blessings video for "Shipwrecked"*

 Below, wild ones, The Tip:


The Tip's cover of The Rolling Stones' "Miss You" instantaneously inspired Lavone from The Blessings to jump onstage and join in the choruses' ooo-ooo backup vocals. Furthermore, my friend Evita Corby noted to all, "These young lads can even get an old gal like me to get off her ass and on the dance floor, LOL. Check out The Blessings and The Tip when they come to your area. I promise you won't be disappointed." 

Later, Evita's friend Bobby G. Hall complimented my documentation of this gig writing,
"Just looking at them, I need to see them. I can hear the music through your pictures."

The less said (or written) about the good-looking but inexperienced band (depicted anonymously below) between these two exciting acts, the better. They failed to hold the audience.

Evita Corby
The Blessings'
Jeremy White


Below, Evita Corby with 
3/4 of The Tip

The Tip's Ricky Dover Jr. with Evita Corby


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