Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Upon recommendation of a good friend I enjoyed the recent 6-episode limited series of Le Carre`s The Night Manager. Casting of Elizabeth Debicki as a trophy girlfriend greatly benefited from costumer and stylist who knew EXACTLY how this character should look as a mega-rich person's arm candy plus what that really entails (even shows her prep toilette to become perfect the second she arises. I've no patience with stylists/casting directors who don't realize looking rich and spectacular is a full time job, and who cast "anyone" in these roles.) She played younger than her earlier The Man From U.N.C.L.E remake (in fact in her Night Manager entrance I thought the super-rich guy had arrived with a damn teenager) so she can act. 

Hugh Laurie roils in full Patrick McGoohan charming villainy form and it's fun to watch his technique; Tom Hiddleston will always be our favorite vampire since Spike, no matter what James Bond heights he soon attains. This is one of the few series where the super-rich at play actually look super-rich. Escapist locales? Breezy, balmy Mallorca, Baleric Islands, Spain; Marakesh, Morocco; Zermatt, Kanton Wallis, Switzerland; London, England; Cairo, Egypt... Oh yeah, it's a spy story regarding international illegal munitions...So... recommended, despite some brutal violence.

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