Sunday, March 29, 2015


drawing above © 2015 Heather Harris / video below:
Who would kill these ultra rare, harmless, beautiful animals? A known elephant poacher and 50 confederates did just that at this at the Okapi Reserve in Ituri Forest, Democratic Republic of Congo in June, 2012. Oh, and they killed 6 people as well as all 14 Okapis there, raped women and took hostages (who escaped a year later.) These two Okapi and all their kin were slaughtered, but at least this YouTube video of these Okapis' amusement with visitors serves their legacy as animal ambassadors well.

In direct contrast to the brutality of the psychotic poachers' self interests, the Okapi Wildlife center had also used much of its funds to improve the lives of all the people living in the area, which assisted in their appreciation of their rare animal treasure... 

Okapis look amazing when you see them in person at zoo breeding preserves. These giraffe relatives really are velvet-y, purplish brown with zebra legs and derriere. Their "panne velvet" look comes from an oily coat to repel their rain forest weather.

Anyone interested in helping this species, contact Okapi Conservation in Dem. Rep. of Congo LINK  and in the U.S.A, an umbrella organization for worldwide efforts at this Florida Preserve, LINK  

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