Monday, March 30, 2015


Complete cast of canines: Diego the Borzoi, Lily the Labrador Retriever, Pooh + Piglet the Irish Wolfhound sibling puppies, Gia the Scottish Deerhound puppy and Sarahbelle the Golden Retriever. Humans: Sherry and Ian, Paul, Mr. Twister and your humble photojournalist (depicted at bottom in prior playdate.)
The racing muzzles prevent over-enthusiastic coursing (chase-hunting) of their pals. Below, Mr. Twister survives charge of the sighthound brigade. All sighthounds (dogs of the greyhound-type persuasion) love to run all out, and we fortunately have the space for them to do so.

Rest time in the Retriever Lounge...

Above left, guest photographer © Kurt Ingham, right, guest photographer Sally Stasytis.

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