Tuesday, July 30, 2013


 Singer Ron Young shrugs an apropos "Oy vey!" over a brief technical glitch during Little Caesar's 7.19.13 gig at The Kibitz Room, Canter's Deli in the Fairfax/West Hollywood sector of L.A., home to much of L.A.'s Orthodox Jewry.

 The sole survivor of a triumvirate of rock and roll-related restaurants open 24 hours daily (the fallen establishments: Ben Frank's on the Sunset Strip and Ship's in Westwood Village,) Canter's has been a popular eatery with noshing night owl rockers since the heydaze of the 1960s. Rodney Bingenheimer, Mayor of selfsame Sunset Strip alternates Canter's and Denny's to this day. And according to unverified rumor via another well-known band, Mick Jagger himself had been in there but 24 hours before. The esteemed meshugener came on the wrong night!  

Adding to the lighthearted ambience were song introductions along the order of "This is a song we wrote by AC/DC...This is a song we wrote by Keith Richards... This is a song we wrote by Bad Company! The Who! " etc. Don't be fooled again: the band remains a highly original aggregate of soul/r&b-flavored hardest rock with 4/5 of its initial line up. Furthermore, Little Caesar played the massive 2013 Download Festival in Donnington, England just prior to this amusingly petite (but highly popular) venue gig. Hence the kibitzing...

Little Caesar dug deep into their repertoire to offer ballad "In Your Arms" from their 1989 Geffen Records debut plus from same era, this photojournalist's personal favorite "Tastes Good To Me" with the filthiest (but humorous) analogies possible on cunnilingus without using a single X-rated word, counterbalanced by the excellent material on 2012's self-released "American Dream" including its powerful, trenchant title song (see video below):

Little Caesar are: Ron Young-lead vocals; Joey Brasler, Loren Molinare-guitars, vocals; Fidel Paniagua-bass, vocals; Tom Morris drums, vocals
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