Saturday, July 13, 2013


Above, Ron Young, lead singer of the Blue-Eyed Devils (and Little Caesar) interfacing (hah!) with one of the puppies offered for adoption at Pet Orphans, Van Nuys, Calif. where the aforementioned bands played a benefit 7.6.13, a July 4th-themed Pet Orphans Pet-riotic Celebration. 

And tarnation, you should have been there! Devils, Skanks, lemons, doggies galore, red, white & blue Americana, dunk tanks, loads of impeccably performed retro music in the improbably great-sounding concrete warehouse of the kennel complex. Great music for a great cause, finding homes for abandoned dogs.
Firstly, let's note this selfsame friendly little Chihuahua puppy exuding cuteness to Ron and assorted female fans above did find a permanent home that day. As is the Pet Orphans mission.

Above, all 5 Devils, superior musicians all, fully worthy of Funk Bros/Motown/Stax/Chess legacies. Below, in the "Can't Get Next To You/Cloud Nine" all band percussion break, Ron Young improvises with a citrus substitute for maracas.

Fire extinguisher at the ready for incendiary soul/funk classics, inclusive of the Ohio Players' "Fire."

                Personal fave Devil offering in an overabundance of wondrous covers: Sly and the Family Stone's "(Sing A) Simple Song." These Devils were Ron Young, Joey Malone, Bruce Witkin, Kevin Laurence and Rob Kloner.

Below, the Glam Skanks give the same treatment to their personal faves, vintage 1970s covers of The Sweet, Gary Glitter, Iggy and The Stooges et al of the Rodney Bingenheimer's English Disco repertoire daze. Eugene Rice of Banshee Bones joined talented Skanks guitarist Veronica Witkin (daughter of Blue-eyed Devil Bruce and Pet Orphans volunteer, fellow photog Suzanne Allison) and rousing Skanks lead singer Ali Torres with all three buoyantly yelping out a spirited "Ballroom Blitz."

"Blitz, blitz,ballroom blitz!"

Above, Shelley Mitchell and Virginia Morrill promote Pet Orphans, then ogle the personal ride of Devil Ron Young who restored/ customized same. Ron and wife Renee always arrive in style!
A dog with a frisbee enjoys the bands along with Kim Yee, Shelley Mitchell and Virginia Morrill seen at far right. Above right, a pedigreed Weimaraner came to wish his orphan pals well. Below left, a very lost visitor arrives late, and right: a dog gapes as a volunteer is dunked.

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