Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Above, lead singers of The Blue-Eyed Devils and Glam Skanks, respectively, Ron Young and Ali Torres.
The Blue-Eyed Devils and the Glam Skanks will perform an afternoon benefit for Pet Orphans this Saturday July 6th in the San Fernando Valley part of Los Angeles. Free, but with any and all donations going directly to the Pet Orphans Shelter, a great force for rehoming dogs and cats for the last 40 years. Click the two graphics below to enlarge and see details/time/directions.



The Blue-Eyed

 Glam Skanks in all their glittery glory

Last seen herein LINK, The Blue-Eyed Devils recently headlined at The Joint in West Hollywood with opening act Glam Skanks, young musicians offering worthy covers of 1970s glitter favorites, and soulster B Slade (below) and his own band supporting. Since both Blue-Eyed Devils and Glam Skanks perform excellent cover repertoires, the Devils with their funk/soul/r&b/Motown gems alongside the Skanks with their satin and tat, the emphasis for the Pet Orphans Pet-riotic benefit will be FUN!


Above, Glam Skanks talented guitarist Veronica Witkin (daughter of Blue Devil Bruce Witkin, and with wild hair contained after the Skanks' performance) danced and posed with musician Eugene Rice in this cute candid, prompting fellow photog Suzanne Allison to comment on same, "As the mother, I'm terrified, as an innocent bystander it's adorable." My rejoinder: "They both can't help being good looking, now can they?"

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