Thursday, October 25, 2012

SALLY and THE KINKS in 1969

A 1969 photo I took in my college dorm room of friend Sally McMahon. I'd just started writing for the UCLA Daily Bruin entertainment sections* hence the access to promotional items like Queen Victoria in the background that accompanied the press pack for The Kinks' Arthur (or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire.) Onetime Beatlemaniac Sally was as much a fan of great British rock music as me, so it all seemed visually apropos. 

Seen above fondling my wind-up walking bunch of grapes (after all, it was the '60s) still teenaged Sally was not a model. She had utterly unfounded issues about her own good looks although she somewhat resembled a natural blonde, buxom Liza Minnelli. I knew she photographed as well as any great model since she simultaneously could project wide-eyed innocence and deliberate worldliness (now known as "hoochie.")


 These two 1969 shots above were taken with natural light from a nearby window. I was still bereft of a studio, a condition that persisted until well into 1978.

*Not chopped liver: the publication at the time had a circulation of 40,000, its staff worked closely with all the major film studios and music companies of Hollywood and Burbank for its reviews and content, and a passel of its editors and writers became industry and creative media bigwigs. Eventually attaining editorship of these selfsame entertainment sections, I notably broke the pattern...

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