Thursday, October 18, 2012

NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE live at the Hollywood Bowl, 10.17.12

Forty-five years after I photographed Buffalo Springfield live, I got to see Neil Young triumphant at the Hollywood Bowl last night for my birthday, courtesy of Evita Corby. Many, many thanks! (Meanwhile, my better half was in dental hell.) Below, my pic of Neil with the Springfield live at the Los Angeles Shrine Auditorium, 1967. 

Playing with his original solo outing backup band Crazy Horse, Young handily demonstrated why he has kept his audience and his appeal going so strongly lo these last four decades. He remains a quirky but catchy songwriter lyrically while his sui generis musical interests are timeless and cover a lot of territory in his voluminous discography. 

He sounds the same as when he started, known for his quavery-voiced balladry alongside quavery-voiced if urgent hard rock protest. However, Young obviously was a punk/techno fan long before cladistic terminology of same via his stylistic experiments in loud, choppy, heavy chord riffage, noise for noise sake. Aided by rollicking, still crazy Crazy Horse in this setting, "Cinnamon Girl" came off like "Smoke On The Water!"(and boys and girls, chronologically quite preceded same.)
'Rockin' in the free world, or at least 17,500 of them in a sold-out Hollywood Bowl. Hey hey, my my indeed!

 Above, Neil Young and Crazy Horse pledge allegiance to the National Anthem, are seen to belt it out, or just maintain Canadian-ness. As the oversized Claes Oldenburg-esque objects on stage attest, the whole tone of the NY and Crazy H set was extremely playful. Note roadies in lab coats labeled "alchemy."  

Whereas this touring ensemble has utilized the giant props heretofore, band, crew and production values entertained themselves as well as the audience with a newfound Pee Wee's Playhouse mirth with same. 45 years later, Neil Young remains loud and eccentric as ever. God bless him!

Worthy local legends Los Lobos opened, showcasing personal fave singer David Hidalgo, he of the phonogenic voice...

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