Friday, October 12, 2012

JAMES TO THE POWER OF 3: W. James, James W., James S.

My photo above of Wendy James was taken a whilst ago amid her Transvision Vamp pop group daze during a television show taping. Nowadays she's photographed by all comers as a beautiful woman who resembles an haute couture fashion model. Given a shot, I'd like to photograph her as a beautiful woman who's unmistakably a musician. 

She's just reaffirmed same bigtime with her release of double single "You're So Great" and "It's Alright Ma," powered by the mighty James Williamson (pictured above right with his snakeskin-patterned Trussart custom guitar last year in a recording studio,) guitarist extraordinaire of Iggy and The Stooges and James Sclavunos, drummer of The Bad Seeds and many more who matter. 

"You're So Great" was written by the late MC5 guitarist Fred Sonic Smith for his Sonic's Rendezvous Band, prompting Ms. James to ask Mr. Williamson to add his touch for just the right, Detroit-hard panache. He in turn suggested they tackle her favorite Bob Dylan song, "It's Alright Ma." 

Both songs are, indeed, so great, but "It's Alright Ma" is also startling.  Listen to/obtain "It's Alright Ma" first to have mind well blown. (Its author is reported to be pleased with it as well.) Amidst tribal pounding loud enough to waken the entire African continent, James W. channels "Beck's Bolero" for anthemic ax-wailing while W. James drops an octave to give this rendition all the bite of the original with modern blasts of aggro.  Everything roiling our eardrums for seven minutes! (an interval touted by softcore director Russ Meyer in an eponymous film as the average length of orgasm. Apropos.)

 I absolutely adore "startling" whenever this quality pops up in any of the Arts: that's what usually endures.

Get double single here: LINK
More info on same here LINK

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Anonymous said...

That was a great recording session for me as I got to play my Baritone sax!

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