Thursday, February 24, 2011


Niagara and Ron Asheton in Dark Carnival
#1. My only photograph to adorn the cover of a New York Times Top Ten Non-fiction book, "Teach Like Your Hair's On Fire" by Rafe Esquith was miscredited to a "Heather Harron."
#2. My above photograph was credited to a "Heather Thomas" in the new Destroy All Monsters/Dark Carnival "The Night That Never Ends."
#3. My professional name is in fact a construct, but apparently a highly obfuscatable one for New York publishers and mischievous punk types in Detroit bands. People have seen my photos for decades but no wonder no one knows who I am!
#4. Despite the above, I highly recommend all of you who love driving Detroit hardest rock purchase the Destroy All Monsters/Dark Carnival "The Night That Never Ends" 6-disc box set, of which one is a live performance dvd, definitely an asset insofar as its singer Niagara is credited with "vocals, body." She also possesses quite the dry wit in her moaning, measured delivery as if Nico had had a more extroverted and surreal sense of humor.

Both bands in this definitive compilation feature Niagara and the late guitar icon Ron Asheton of The Stooges on all tracks, with a revolving cast of Detroit notables for the Monsters/Carnivals including Stoogean sibling Scott Asheton, Michael Davis of the MC5 and Greasy Carlisi. Several of the discs record live shows for posterity and your overall delight. Then buy a giclee of one of Niagara's wicked women at LINK. Your inheriting children will thank you for this solid art investment.

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