Sunday, February 6, 2011

TRAIL RIDING photo 2.0

Although the trails we ride extend for miles in and adjacent the Angeles Forest, 600 acres of it remain private property of the ranch where I board Indy, the vestigial Cecil B. DeMille country spread. (Subdivided neighboring ranches retain odd features from same, like a children's screening room playhouse made of stone.) Its semi-privacy affords the area less extreme trail hazards found on more public trails such as rampaging yahoos on ATVs. An ongoing hazard is that it's all for sale, although one hastens to add that these highly erosive and fire-prone mountains (see pic at bottom) preclude commercial or even residential development.

Most of the time we trek up steeper hills through a glen to the right of this seasonal wash, the Little Tujunga River tributary of L.A.'s last wild (unenclosed) waterway, the Big Tujunga River. The hills in the distance are starting to regrow foliage lost in the enormous Station Fire of two years ago, scary photograph in situ after evacuating my horse below. Low-res photograph above taken 2.5.11 by trail riding buddy Liz Taylor (no relation to the bejeweled star of "Cleopatra.") Why one doesn't trail alone HERE

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