Sunday, January 23, 2011

RUBY FRIEDMAN ORCHESTRA reaches for the stars

Ruby Friedman Orchestra, replete with full-time trombone and part-time guesting backup singers, rattled the rafters of The Troubadour for a Jan. 16th gig. Again, RFO's salient points: songs you actually can remember on the way home from the gig and beyond, RFO recordings already gracing U.S. network television as theme songs ("Shooting Stars" for "America's Got Talent,") hot band overall, and the full-throated Ruby warbler herself on resplendent, emotional vocals, occasionally to be witnessed punking out for maximum impact as seen here.

Photo ops sector: Ruby and some of her L.A. pals; below, Jimmy Recca (from Ron Asheton/Machine Gun Thompson's The New Order and The Stooges in the '70s,) Dire McCain (Paraphilia Magazine Editor,) Evita Corby (rock&roll couturier,) and Ruby Friedman still towering above it all in her 6" platform stiletto heels.
Below: left, Jimmy and Evita; right, Dire, Jimmy, new L.A. denizen Ed Bucciarelli, Evita, yours truly temporarily sans customary shades, guitarist Andrew Scott (Raw Power Rangers,) photo by David Arnson (Insect Surfers and Raw Power Rangers.)

Last pic, left to right: Muso Journalist Supreme Chris Morris, Dire dancing some unholy take on the can can, Andrew, David and Jimmy.


Anonymous said...

glorious photos. Ruby looks like a sublime force of nature.

Chemaine said...


Natalie said...

Ecellent photos as always. She and the band look like such fun! Maybe Morrison was right and the "west is the best". In this instant, I sure wanted to be a west coast girl and be there with you all.
Ruby has promised some east coast gigs and I am holding her to that promise.

Anonymous said...

Souls take flight on the thrill of sound, as the heartcry of Ruby shakes the earth; and the people. Mindblown bewilderment at such sounds... Can audiovisual sensationalism possibly be any better, than this?

Anonymous said...

omg! some great shots of one of my fave redheads!!!

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