Wednesday, April 11, 2018


You want the best young band currently hailing from Los Angeles? Go no further  than STARCRAWLER. You've read the hype, now grok the reality.  Strange teenagers from another planet come to entertain and enthrall us all...STARCRAWLER perform like seasoned rockers, don't imitate anyone (these days a rarity within itself,) and despite most of the attention falling on their unusual lead singer, they have an up and coming major guitarist in their ranks. Fun, loud, memorable punkesque whatnot replete with humorous ironies.
  The band has been alive as such for only one year, with seventeen-year old hardcore adept guitarist Henri Cash, 19-year-old lead vocalist Arrow de Wilde whose 6 svelte frame brings to mind Classic depictions of famine, drummer Austin Smith and bassist Tim Franco. Claimed FOXES Magazine editor Tina de la Celle, one who is always in the know, "I have seen them many times, but they were insanely good at this show..."
...this show being March 31, 2018 at (Northeast L.A.) Highland Park's packed the Lodge Room. Too bad there was NO light on the performers. My pics were taken when the revolving spotlights shone on them indirectly a bit. (And double too bad, because it's a cool Art Deco ballroom venue with good sound in a neighborhood with copious free nighttime parking...)

(Above and below): in her theatrical blood-spattered "Carrie" ballgown trussed with vintage girdle, singer Arrow de Wilde invited a somewhat puzzled fan (who was nonetheless sufficiently hip to wear a t-shirt with one their song titles on it) onstage to "participate" in their song "Pussy Tower" with it's rousing chorus of "...she gives me head." The devilish smirk on Arrow's face below betrays whether it was or whether it was not all in good fun. You be the judge. Guitarist Henri Cash responded by playfully handing his still plugged in guitar to a stage invader, presumably to serenade in his place. Private, unintentional humor came when at least two concert-goers separately asked if I were the singer's mother. We both are music photographers, but the latter is a good twenty years younger and blessed with obvious genetics capable of spawning the beauteous if weird young Arrow.


 Colleague, photographer Michael Eivaz, far right, cavorts with gig promoter of Sid the Cat Presents Brandon Gonzalez and Christina Gonzalez

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