Thursday, April 12, 2018


Playdates on Apr.1 + 8, 2018 with Scottish Deerhounds Gia, Eroica, Fain and Borzois Livia, Diego, Quinn,  Dixie and Mila with Golden Retriever Sarabelle supervising, plus humans Mr. Twister, Sherry, Ian, Paul and Mary, Katrina and yours truly. Beautiful spring weather still cool enough for running hounds to enjoy going their 35mph top speed with every run. Above, Ian risks life and limb photographing charging sighthounds, as do we all. Below, sighthounds running every which way in different pursuits, then representative pics, the two bottom shots with yours truly in them by guest photographer © 2018 Kurt Ingham ...


 An impromptu portrait of all the critters: equine Indy, canines Gia, Sarabelle and Livia
then... a few more addenda from April 15th playdate,

 with the last two photos of iguana tag betwixt Livia and Fain © 2018 Kurt Ingham.

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