Monday, August 14, 2017


They are as difficult about whom to write as their music is accessible.  They are complex, commercial-hooky, funny, sardonic and poignant. They are clever and universal, 30 years on the scene yet fresh. They are The Jigsaw Seen in all their magnificent, quirky glory who tour constantly yet play their native Los Angeles once or at most twice a year...

July 13th was once such rarefied occasion at the Silverlake Lounge and all in attendance rejoiced. Each song sported its own signature sound, very much demonstrative of how a great band differs from a merely good one. "Where The Action Isn't" still sounds delightfully Stooge-y to me. No electric sitar this go-round, but 1962's crossover Henry Mancini instrumental hit "Baby Elephant Walk" from the John Wayne African animals' adventure flick "Hatari!" was fully worthy of its Jigsaw Seen revival and treatment...

"For the Discriminating Completist" is their most current release on Burger Records,  replete with rare cuts from their many albums and previously unavailable selections. Obtain your needed copy in a variety of formats here: LINK*

 The Jigsaw Seen are 
 Dennis Davison, lead vocals, guitar,
 harmonica, percussion; 
 Jonathan Lea guitar; 
 Teddy Freese, drums,
 Andy Bartel, bass.

Kim Yee, Evita Corby and Dennis Davison of the Jigsaw Seen after his show...


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