Sunday, May 21, 2017

PRECIOUS METAL version 2017 LIVE at THE ROSE 4.22.17

Precious Metal, the most charismatic all-female metal band of the 1980s and 90s is, after a successful 2014 reunion for ChemoWize cancer charity (LINK,) back via a fulltime working configuration as depicted herein. Added to founding members Leslie Knauer (vocals,) Alex Rylance (bass,) and (pre-Carol Control) Susette Andres (drums) are guitarist Jeff Mattern (The Wild Side) and multi-instrumentalist Aviva Maloney (The Monkees.) Note oodles of personality, pulchritude and confidence in both stage presentation and my new studio shots for them below.

 The Rose club in Pasadena featured a full house for Precious Metal opening for Richie Kotzen (Mr. Big, Poison) on 4.22.17. Their dynamic set rock and rolled PMetal favorites from their three major label releases of yore like "Right Here, Right Now!" plus fun new originals, including one sung by Susette.

 Below, America's (and Australia's!) favorite Heavy Metal Sweetheart, Leslie Knauer, once deemed "the 38th best rock singer ever, either gender" by some Brit trade rag. High praise indeed, and utterly deserved. Leslie's amazing vocals are still everything they ever were and more, alongside her always upbeat presence.
 The venue in Pasadena's Old Town area was a former high-end grocery, hence the all sheet-metal-walled backstage dressing room in its former meat locker (which given the current state of the music biz some might consider all too apropos...)
Precious Metal 1986 and 2017. Left, fair use © Julian Wasser. All Rights Reserved.
Right, re-staging for 2017.

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