Wednesday, May 24, 2017

DR. BOOGIE and THE BLESSINGS, LIVE dream double bill at El Cid 4.8.17

Here we had a dream double bill at El Cid club April 8th, 2017 with two of the best acts currently playing Los Angeles and points beyond --DR. BOOGIE and THE BLESSINGS-- then what happens? Well, as the lead singer of The Blessings said of his mic stand twirling in the second photo above, "I was aiming for the so-called soundman's head."

Yes, both bands predictably spun their respective hard rock magic as always to the infinite delight of appreciative crowds packing the club despite what purportedly seemed like sabotage by the club's new management. Let's put it this way, Dr. Boogie, nor the Blessings, two bands who have gigged there many times in the last two years, nor I as a photo pro whose prior experiences at the club yielded many great looking shots, one even gracing Dr. Boogie's debut album, will be recommending this venue as a well lit, great sounding one any more. 

Jeremy White, lead vocals, harmonica + guitar did his finest, even without benefit of a live microphone on for the first two songs. (I goosed the lighting to make up for lack thereof in these two variants.)

 Inevitably, tensions
percolated. Singer Lavone
Barnett-Seetal said of the photo at left with guitarist Mike Gavigan, "I look like Aunt Esther
from Sanford & Son! Hah! 'You ol' heathen!' "
Bassist Lights Out Levine off camera, but
below we find drummer Jason Upright and keyboard player Jeffrey Howell rounding out the full, Exile on Main Street-y sound of The Blessings who compare in cool songwriting as well.

Dr. Boogie benefitted from staff's tinkering with ironing out the sound of the prior acts, and delivered their usual solid set of originals led by Chris's raspy authority in their pre-East Coast tour warmup.
Pictured: Chris P. lead vocals, guitar; Dustin James, guitar, vocals; Pat Salway, bass, vocals, Luis Herrera, drums, vocals.

"Oi Vey!"

 Who's that hiding behind the cloud of smoke (and a mighty "Hi yo, Silver!?") Answer: singer/guitarist/producer Richard Duguay, seen with Mike Spent, rock and roll couturier Evita Corby and Lisa Lee.
Also on hand to see this great bill, Loren Molinare of The Dogs and Little Caesar (behind a cloud of spectacles glare,) Shelley Mitchell and California Rocker Editor Donna Balancia.

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