Tuesday, February 7, 2017


When rock's 
punk pro- genitors convene to refashion a few faves into acoustic fare, results = pure gold.

They also are rock's two most extraordinary extreme over-achievers: James Williamson, former Technology Standards vice-president of Sony Electronics plus guitarist extraordinaire of Iggy and The Stooges in the crucial Raw Power; and Deniz Tek, Radio Birdman guitarist/founder, E.R. surgeon and Top Gun U.S. Navy jet pilot Williamson has collaborated and recorded with a variety of esteemed alternative musicians since 2011, starting with The Careless Hearts through all the artists on his Re-Licked solo release recorded in 2013 such as the BellRays' Lisa Kekaula, Jello Biafra, Carolyn Wonderland and many others (see LINK,) not to mention 2016's slew of 45singles with Petra Haden, more with Ms. Kekaula and newcomer Maia. (see LINK and LINK.

♫ UPDATE! ♫ Here's the spankin' new video of James' and Deniz' instrumental "Night Theme" with troupe of ballet dancers. Yes, it all works beautifully! Click LINK. ♫

James Williamson met Deniz and Anne Tek in 2011 at the Ann Arbor MI Tribute to Ron Asheton (see LINK) and later connected in Hawaii, where the former maintains a second home with wife Linda, and where Deniz and Anne 'r and r' from Australia to the States.

Herein, he reimagined some of his best loved Stooges' and Kill City material as acoustic, with vocals throughout by Deniz plus Giant Drag's Annie Hardy (pictured below) dueting on one track as well. "Night Theme" springs to life anew arranged by James and orchestrated by Mark Culbertson. The clever title, courtesy of Stoogeologist Hakan Beckman is worldplay on the notorious Metallic K.O. album of the chaotic  demise of Iggy and The Stooges live onstage at the Michigan Theatre, Detroit, 1974 (but happily resurrecting phoenix-like in 2004 as The Stooges (Iggy Pop, Ron Asheton, Scott Asheton, Steve McKay and Mike Watt) and in 2010 as Iggy and The Stooges (Iggy Pop, James Williamson, Scott Asheton, Steve McKay, Mike Watt, Toby Dammit.)

Obtain ACOUSTIC K.O here: 

iTunes: LINK**

in the U.K.:  LINK***

in Australia: LINK****

in France: LINK*****

Benelux: LINK******







Video link:  https://www.yahoo.com/music/video-premiere-iggy-the-stooges-guitarist-james-williamson-debuts-night-theme-193316833.html

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