Friday, February 24, 2017

ART BOOK FAIR 2017, downtown LOS ANGELES, Feb. 23-26


The ART BOOK FAIR of Los Angeles remains a colorful, must-see free event for our local denizens, this year from Feb. 23 - 26. Held at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Geffen Building, Downtown L.A., it was chock full of goodies like punk rock ephemera, xerox portraits, pop up books inclusive of pizzas and vaginas (not in the same book,) "Teen Angel" Latino tchotckes and Japanese kawaii kitsch as well as more traditional art fare. Mr. Twister (above left with Patty Hearst's Symbionese Liberation poster behind) and I were pleased to see (above right amidst her work) artist/ photographer Antic-Ham of Redfoxpress/Franticham whose partner Francis Van Maele had returned to their island home in Ireland after setting up their installation, Leigh Kaplan and wife, proprietors of art book store Arcana in Culver city, plus the many displayed works of Gary Panter, whom I first encountered as a punk illustrator (immediately dragooned for my book "Punk Rock 'n' Roll" in 1977.)



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