Monday, December 19, 2016


Birthday party for Rodney on the ROQ's longtime. influential and innovation-liking DJ Rodney Bingenheimer (also star of the documentary film Mayor of the Sunset Strip) on 12.15.16 at his favorite 24-hour eatery Canter's Deli in West Hollywood. Lotsa fun people there to wish him well, for instance left to right: The Pandoras-- Karen Basset, Hillary Burton, Melanie Vammen and Kim Shattuck-- next to Rodney and girlfriend Kansas Bowling.
 Above, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer for Blondie, drummer Clem Burke hands Rodney Bingenheimer a secret CD present for the latter's birthday celebration at Canter's Deli, 12.15.16 as The Pandoras gape in admiration even as Karen's selfie is compromised. Kansas Bowling plus Beck Black to Rodney's left (stage right) and the back of Tony Valentino's head. Note David Bowie theme.
 The Pandoras, 2016: Kim, Hillary, Melanie and Karen.
 Below, jollity abounds and smiles all around.

Rodney resplendent in glam yellow; to his right, Violet Paley, film director daughter of Bambi Conway, of the original 1983 Pandoras. 

Below, left to right, Rik Collins and Christa Collins of the Woolly Bandits, photographer Dawn Laureen, bassist and guitarist of Blondie Frank Infante, Rodney, Beck Black.

Below: Woolly Bandits' singer Christa Collins with India Duprè; revelers with Rodney; Amy McRory and Michelle Gearhead; Palaye Royale brothers Emerson and Remington Keith, india Duprè; photography via Navarone Garibaldi (Elvis Presley's handsome step-son, singer of the band Them Guns) with his watchful friends; selfies galore from Kansas Bowling.


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