Saturday, December 31, 2016

JIGSAW SEEN and NEW YORK JUNK live at Silverlake Lounge 12.10.16

↑Jigsaw Seen↑         ↓New York Junk↓
Best show with which to end this year's blog: an incredibly cool double-bill of Jigsaw Seen (above) and New York Junk at the Silverlake Lounge 12.10.16.

Jonathan Lea with his electric sitar.
With Dennis singing, Jonathan uses and ebow hovering over the guitar like hands over a theremin, to suitably studio-FX sounding resolution. He is a master of this technique.
Many tunes from their seasonally themed Winterland release, plus a few holiday carols medleys inclusive of The Who's disturbing "Christmas" from Tommy!  It is advised you purchase their releases also to enjoy their whimsically complex packaging.

Set list titles hint at unusual topics of subversive but melodic (and yet still fun!) songs.

 Jigsaw Seen guitars without Jigsaw Seen...
Jigsaw Seen are Dennis Davison, vocals, guitar, Jonathan Lea, guitar, 
Tom Currier Bass, Teddy Freese, drums.
Website and merchandise info: LINK

New York Junk's first foray to the west coast found quite a receptive audience to their laconic tales of life in Manhattan, done beautifully in a sorta mid-tempo punk groove with occasional flurries of breakneck speed. The ouevre of their late pal Mr. Thunders comes to mind. All survived the original NYC punk era, with Ms. Ross' pedigree tracing to the much beloved B-Girls.  

New York Junk are Joe Sztabnik, guitar, vocals; Cynthia Ross, bass, vocals; Gary Barnett, drums (and at home and abroad they add Jeff Ward on additional guitar.)
Website: LINK / merchandise info:

Wrong setting on camera before the gig, right subjects: Andrea Frank, Jigsaw singer/guitarist Dennis Davison, Evita Corby, Betsy Rosenthal, Jigsaw drummer Teddy Freese, Mr. Twister.

Below,Rock and roll couturier Evita Corby, Cynthia Ross, bassist of NYJunk, Mr. Twister.

 Evita Corby, writer Kim Yee, your humble photojournalist, 
guest photographer © 2016 Kurt Ingham.

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