Saturday, September 17, 2016


Outstanding performance logged in 9.12.16 at Skinny's Lounge by Arwen Lewis and her dad Peter Lewis (one of the three hotshot singer/songwriter/guitarists from the astounding front line of 1960s legends Moby Grape. Not hyperbole: I saw them live. They were the one San Francisco group of all kick ass players.) Nowadays, Arwen and Peter offer a triple whammy of strong singing, strong instrumental performance and strong material, much of it from that amazing Grape debut album. Arwen's clear soprano wraps around Hank Williams' "Cold, Cold Heart" or her own Patsy Cline-like "Sweet Dreams," Peter offers his blend of intricate string slinging and singing on his originals like "If Life Were Just A Game," then the two combine for powerhouse duets on classic Moby Grape songs like "Omaha," Sittin' By The Window," "If You Can't Learn From Your Mistakes" and an incendiary "Fall On You."

The show, a MusiCann Cancer Benefit organized by Skinny's Happenin' Harry and Doug Goldstein raised money for cancer patient Valorie McMahon also featured-- wait for it -- The Nine Inch Chili Pumpkins All Star Band featuring Happenin' Harry, Robby Rist (all growed up from actual The Brady Bunch tv show,) Murv Douglas (also on guitar,) plus perfomances by Peter DiStefano, guitarist for Porno For Pyros/Perry Farrell Band and Killing Floor, the Pleasure Burn band, actress/singer Kylie Dakota and comedian Barry Sobel. 

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