Sunday, September 11, 2016


The Canyon Club, Agoura Hills
CA hosted a whole lotta all around good music on 9.19.16 with Felix Cavaliere's Rascals and openers The Hailers.

 Cavaliere was premiere singer/songwriter of The Young Rascals (later The Rascals,) the New Jersey born and bred hit-making machine of R&B-tinged pop with an unusually upbeat mien.

 Unlike some phoned in oldies acts, Cavaliere has showed the world how to do a knockout set of one's 1960s hits-- sing 'em with all the teenage passion with which one originally 
wrote them. The Canyon Club lapped up his originals, co-written with Rascal Eddie Brigatti, "Groovin," "It's A Beautiful Morning," "Good Lovin'" and the always incandescent ballad of teen romantic angst "How Can I Be Sure."

Rascal covers of others' tunes like "I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore" came with preambles of interesting patter of stories behind the songs. Most touching was Cavaliere's tale of an African-American stranger coming forth to bear hug him, who related "You put my song on the B side of one of your big hits. Wilson Pickett heard it and covered it, a movie producer heard it and put it in a hit movie, and now everyone knows it and I have a good life with the royalties, all thanks to you." The man was Mack Rice, the song was the immortal "Mustang Sally." 

Digital light show for Felix Cavaliere's Rascals. 
Openers The Hailers well complemented the show. They are a large ensemble who write and perform original, brand spankin' new, future retro Rock!

 The Hailers are helmed by lead singer/guitarist Robert Mills and singer/bassist April Carson.
Then we have additional guitarist Aaron Wolfson; drummer Billy DiBlasi; percussionist: Paul Cassarino; keyboards: Richard (Koz) Kosinksi; Hammond organ: Ron Guzek; backup singers: Lori Herek and Adrena Jensen. Total= 9 souls. Have I forgotten anyone?

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Brian O'Connell said...

It was a great show. It was nice to meet you.

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