Thursday, October 8, 2015


Legendary Detroit/NY/L.A. hardest rockers THE DOGS' rare appearance at Alex's Bar, Long Beach CA 9.19.15 attracted all kinds of humans in both its enthusiastic, packed audience and also onstage. 

Fellow Michigander Jenna Talia, seen above joined THE DOGS on their cover classic "Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl" which was the B-side of their famed 1977 "Fed Up/Slash Your Face" EP single (see below), acclaimed by no less than SPIN magazine as one of the real top ten punk singles of all time.  Transgender lead singer of GLITTER TRASH. Jenna sang with rowdy conviction.

THE DOGS are Loren Molinare, guitar, lead vocals; Mary Kay, bass, vocals; Tony Matteucci, drums, vocals. With their always strong original material, infectious energy and that rarest of commodities in rock and roll, true passion, THE DOGS remain one of the best power trios ever, (see LINK* and LINK**) and every rare gig proves an event regardless of surprises. The band has been rocking from 1968 to the present, with assorted sidetrips like Loren's founding and continuing role in Little Caesar. For those newly acquainted with this influential band's history, below are two shots by guest photographer John Lindemann of The Dogs in Michigan in the 1960s, and in Hollywood (with Sid Vicious observing) in the 1970s, and some Dogs' graphics (back cover of 1977 single and characteristic band flyer courtesy of Shelley Mitchell.)

Above, Jenna Talia and Mary Kay of THE DOGS; left, fellow photographers Chryss Butterknife O' Grady and yours truly (guest photographer: Donna Balancia) and Donna Balancia herself, who interviewed THE DOGS on occasion of this show LINK*** 

Investigative reportage proof positive of spontaneity adding Jenna Talia on "Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl" when comparing set lists from the gig, left, and rehearsal, right, which was only the night before! ("What Goes In Quiet" and "Her Name Was Jane" were dropped)

More scenes from
The Dogs' rehearsal


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