Thursday, October 22, 2015


 For my birthday, Mr. Twister and I spent a quiet evening with friends in the midst of a noisy, crowded art opening. The occasion was Conceal/Reveal, a mixed media exhibit by Elyse Wyman at prestigious Gallery 825 in West Hollywood. Elyse, my onetime college roommate and fellow art student at UCLA is flanked in the above and below photos by Mr. Twister, left, and Kirk Henry, right, who also were roommates in the same era.

Hitherto known for her paintings, her work here is recombinations of objets trouve like bikini mannequins tossed out from department stores (some with their original sizes intact,) arrows from her husband Scott's archery endeavors, and painting.

Below, Twister and Kirk chitchat while our friend Rico Cardinale, whom I've known since 1966, congratulates the artist; also, a tiny art critic poses beneath one of the works.

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