Sunday, June 21, 2015



Our rare local concerts by The Ruby Friendman Orchestra inspire great cause for celebration. Images thereof always lean to the dramatic because the onstage emotions penetrate deeply, genuinely, and real. And yes, the high quality of the music/delivery indeed justifies a certain theatricality. 

RFO's gig at The Mint for Hunnypot's (LINK) evening of musical thrills proved amazing as usual, a wonderous set of bone-chilling ballads whose lyrics probably were written in runes (see "Hunt You Down," below*,) plus assorted torch stompers showcasing Ms. Friedman's astonishing songwriting and vocal prowess. RFO also performed a memorable cover of Darrell Scott's "You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive."

Right, Adam Zimmon from The Hit House; not seen in the night's pix, fellow RFO songwriter, arranger and drummer Alex Elena. The Orchestra featured a fulltime cellist as well as the traditional rock staples.


 Whereas to me Ruby's fetching stage attire harkened to (left) Whistler's Symphony in White #1, 1862 (an affectionate portrait of his girlfriend, Jo Hiffernan,) Ms. Friedman herself clarified, "I was thinking Saloon Girl meets Maxfield Parrish."
 Close enough...
 Sharing the bill:
Felice Lazae, Anahita Skye and the sweet singing sounds of The Silver Lake Chorus
Donna Balancia, Editor of California Rocker (LINK), author/singer Orit Arfa, and the inimitable Ms. Ruby Friedman her own bemused self.

*"Hunt You Down" video clip** performed by Ruby Friedman Orchestra at The Mint 6.1.15.  This is an original song by The Hit House for the Playstation game Bloodborne, just released in spring, 2015.

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