Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Do I weary of photographing the same bands? Never when they're this great and also the best new band I've witnessed in years. The more one sees Dr. Boogie, the better they seem, hallmark of incipent greatness in all A list bands of The Bigs. To wit: for a band together less than a year, they retain every possible factor going for them-- highly listenable, memorable songs that are referential to the most interesting rock from the past but identifiable only as their own spin on same, amazingly performed with tight prowess by attractive young guys with their own look, singly and collectively.

  Twisted lyrics extoll the admirable qualities of slutty girls somehow without dipping into the misogyny of the early Rolling "Stupid Girl" Stones. Their arrangements remain uniformly excellent, and onstage this lively band sounds just like its demos and EP releases despite the lack of the recordings' keyboards, horn sections, extra percussion and backup singers. Patrick "Frenchy" French did join in on harp for a song at this El Cid gig.

Their international potential remains huge. They get the hard rock right with the roll and swagger hammering any groove, unlike most of their young British or European counterparts who just think they do because they sport guitars. This El Cid gig spotlighted excellent new material just to keep things fresh, Chris P testifying in his voice of liquid gravel, with all members firing on all cylinders, despite the over-heated atmosphere within that (invisibly) almost felled a bandmember. Indeed, they are unstoppable: another bandmember arrived on genuine crutches! The show must go on, because audiences always love Dr. Boogie. Improbably for someone who's documented the best of the hard rock genres for the last five decades, so do I.

Check out California Rocker's interview with Dr. Boogie r.e. their future plans:


The occasion also showcased Shipwrecked, a new release by their chums The Blessings who preceded their set. Singer Jeremy White and friends' rootsy rock always prove a great complement. Pictured below right, Lavone Seetal, Jeremy White and Mike Gavigan. By the by, Facebook friends of the lead singer can check out his own excellent photography therein...



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