Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Lynn Carey recently made a rare local appearance belting out an emotional "Stand By Me" with Gary Cook's Band at Hollywood's Catalina Bar, 6.7.14. The occasion was a happy one: the 2014 alumni reunion of the Dick Grove School of Music, where Lynn studied sight-reading tablature quite some time after her pro career actually had started and thrived.

Lynn once garnered notoriety for both her full throttled blues rock in Mama Lion, and her portrait on its notorious LP cover "Preserve Wildlife - see LINK.  

She's since directed those famous chops to a variety of music styles, and none better serves her than jazz/soul standards, with a possible exception of Big Band to suit that Big Voice!

Below, ad hoc backup singers for John Cougar Mellencamp's "Ain't That America." 

  Lynn with her fellow classmates Terry Janow left and John Beres in the pic on the right; with her teacher Gleni Tai and L.A. Jazz choir friend Erin Maloney in front.

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