Wednesday, June 18, 2014

JAMES WILLIAMSON, LISA KEKAULA'S "I GOT A RIGHT" new single, video production in my studio!

You've heard the phrase "See Naples and die." Now it's see this video and die (meaning you'll have witnessed the best there is, not that you're going to expire.) Its video production was shot in my own photo studio, I came up with the concept along with its recording artist, brokered the cast of characters getting together, and I did the production stills for James Williamson and Lisa Kekaula's brand new single "I Got A Right." Check this out!

The single itself is teaser for Williamson's forthcoming solo release Re-Licked which features his previously unrecorded Iggy and The Stooges' rarities (i.e., what should have been the follow up to Raw Power) sung by today's most interesting and powerful vocalists. (For instance, Ms. Kekaula is indisputably volcanic.) Go to LINK for additional info and pre-ordering. Re-Licked is due out by autumn 2014 in cd, vinyl and download, with a Making of the Album dvd (by this video's director and cinematograher) and photo booklet (pics by me, essay by Jack Boulware) of all concerned with each format.

Lisa Kekaula

Dancer extraordinaire Cleo Vipers is from Milano not Napoli though, singer extraordinaire Lisa Kekaula is from Riverside CA when she's not touring Europe with The BellRays or Lisa and The Lips, uber-talented director Amy D'Allessandro is a fellow local equestrienne, impressive cinematographer James Stolz is from Germany when he's not in Hollywood, and guitar legend James Williamson, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee with his fellow Iggy And The Stooges plus former Standards/Technology vice-president of Sony Corporation as well, hails from Silicon Valley CA by way of Texas, Oklahoma and Dee-troit Michigan as my pal Mary, bassist of The Dogs pronounces it.  Me, I'm strictly local. 

Below, the actual foremost retro-Burlesque dancer in her entire field, Ms. Cleo Viper. When first contacted, she was touring Shanghai on her way to Australia and beyond.

The very top photograph features left to right: director Amy D'Allesandro, cinematographer James Stolz, Simone Marie Butler, bassist of Primal Scream and Re-Licked, James Williamson, Re-Licked guitarist/co-songwriter with Iggy Pop, Cleo Viper (see LINK,) Michael Urbano, drummer for Re-Licked, Smashmouth plus countless others, and still photographer yours truly. 

Today, the first day of the video's promotional release, Amy excitedly claimed, "That studio is still rockin' from our shoot. I can't get the song out of my head. I love it!!" Anyone reading this is destined to as well.

Last three photos of the production's mise-en-scene,(C) 2014 guest photographer Kurt Ingham.

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