Saturday, May 3, 2014

SUSAN HYATT and the 21st CENTURY PANDORAS live at Pinup Girl Boutique

Thirty years later the survivors call themselves 
the 21st Century Pandoras. (See LINK for original tale of the sadly late Paula Pierce and the two Pandoras' bands.)
But this was a shiny happy occasion, their first reunion gig at Pinup Girl Boutique in Burbank, Calif. (see LINK ) with a short set of brand new twisted garage/pop songs including "Joy Ride" ("...with a bottle of tequila by his side...") 

Band members in the top photo, l-r: Nipper Seaturtle (monickered Gwynne Kelly [nee Kahn] on the first Pandoras LP It's About Time,) Bambi Conway, Susan Hyatt, Lisa Rae Black and Casey Gomez-Dobbs, all in all 3/4 of the original Pandoras from that first LP. Hair-swingin' Susan, known more for major label solo work, her Rock And Roll Workout franchise and the bands Pillbox and Sirens of Soho than for her short tenure in the Pandoras proved a terrific frontwoman with a Katy Perry-esque whimsy balancing her all-pro persona. Genial Lisa and her guitar hot licks are well regarded from L.A. metal heavies Hardly Dangerous and Bellylove.

Below, Nipper and Jeffrey Sargent;
Voila! The 21st Century Pandoras

Below, cute girls taking no doubt cute selfies with their cute Cheshire Cat phone; more cute girls Susan Hyatt, accoutred in all Pinup Girl fashions and her friend/partner in crime Lina Lecaro.

Cute 1950s styled clothes that flatter any physique; Pinup Girl branding on soda pop bottles

Other artists performing for Pinup Girls' Ladies' Night out were Lucille Ball-coiffed Dominique Pruitt (below right,) stylin' Marissa Gomez and the Ghosts of Echo Park, Gretchen King, and Katrina Parker, the last of whom impressed with her sultry take on the theme from True Blood, "(I Want To Do) Bad Things With You" (below left.) Extra impetus to attend: its locale Burbank/NoHo (North Hollywood) features a neighborhood-friendly block party once a month with gourmet food trucks and busking bands, with which this event coincided.

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