Monday, January 20, 2014

5-DOG PLAYDATE 1.14.14

Cast of characters: Karis, Callahan, Norris- Scottish Deerhounds; Sarahbelle- Golden Retriever; Lily-Labrador Retriever. In the canine variant of rock-paper-scissors, sighthounds chase retrievers.
Sighthounds coursing retriever, bitches glamorously resting.
Both sighthounds and retrievers are hunting dogs, (sighthounds course/chase game, retrievers are gundogs,) but I don't think this (below left) is what was intended when marksmen routinely yell "Pull!" (Below right) Lily shows off her best show stack (posing for a dogshow judge) to Norris, who then asks, "May I see the bite please?" (Unfortunately, Lily was shown the bite too often by an over-playful Callahan.)

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