Thursday, January 9, 2014


This was my answer to the Facebook Pandoras (see LINK) Fanpage question on what you were doing in 1974 (most of them were in elementary school):

"In 1974 as now I tried to photograph those artists whose music meant something to me (although I'll shoot anyone for money, I'm easy.) This is Roy Wood with Wizzard at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, 1974 (above left.) Once introduced to same I adored The Move, then and now. Recently graduated from UCLA, my day job out of college was assistant art director at the L.A. Weekly News, a spin-off from the L.A. Free Press (underground press.) It went bust, then I did the same work for Designers West, #2 magazine to Achitectural Digest in that interior design field, while photographing and writing for Performance Magazine at night. 

Social life: my obsession with Mr. Twister (of the band Christopher Milk) took a hiatus when he emigrated to England to get in on nascent pub-rock evolving into punk rock scene in England, (pub rock kept non-prog hard rock sufficiently on life support to miraculously awaken into punk.) We hooked up after he was deported (troublemaker, plus turned in by jealous bands) and returned to L.A. in 1975; he founded punk band Chainsaw in Hollywood circa 1976 and we have been together ever since."

My other photograph above adorned The Pandoras' 45 single cover for Thunder Alley with its Roger Corman movie retro-biker look (in 1985.) For younger persons they cared about the past those Pandoras, hence the initial question.

Below, Roy Wood & Wizzard & bagpipes; Mr. Twister back in the day slightly later.

P.S. the above right photo depicts Mr. Twister doing his circa 1970s Bruce Dern impression.

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