Monday, August 26, 2013


Inspired by guitarist/singer Loren Dog's gig with his other band Little Caesar at The Kibitz Room at Canter's Deli (see LINK,) THE DOGS pulled out all the punk stops and pulled the punk crowd into same. At top, Canter's habitue and Mayor of the Sunset Strip, Rodney Bingenheimer joins THE DOGS, who were the very first band played on the influential DJ's debut Rodney on the ROQ radio show, August, 1976.

Loren spent
a great
deal of the
set above the
ground or
the Holy
Grail Guitar to
the enraptured masses with their tech devices at 
The Kibitz Room. As a new fan noted,"they do almost entirely different sets each performance," easy with their 40 years worth of material. Below, Paul L'Esperance of Shock leapt onstage to join in a rousing chorus of "John Rock And Roll Sinclair" during the encore.  

Ever the rebels, they
wish us to endeavor, as soon 
as humanly possible, to 
Free Pussy Riot!!
THE DOGS remain:
Loren Molinare, guitar, vocals
Mary Kay, bass, vocals
Tony Matteucci, drums, vocals


Above, reunion for the Class of '77, with amongst others, Loren and Mary of THE DOGS, Paul L'Esperance of Shock, who often played with The Dogs, Vanilla, an original fan, and Tom Morris of Little Caesar.

Also above, O.G. Dogs cohort Stan Gullo with his brand new THE DOGS tattoo, Krista Wood (original Dogs' drummer Ron Wood's first wife,) and Ray Perez, sound guy extraordinaire for the Dogs since back in the day. Above right, Mary Dog, Al Temen and Leslie Knauer, who fronted Kanary, another of Mary's onetime bands. Below left, Kim Yee and Brian Zabawski, ardent new Dogs fans; and right, Eve Reynolds, ?, ?, Brenda Starr Light, Jamielle Stanley, Tony Matteucci.

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