Thursday, May 16, 2013

TATRAMANIA! @ Petersen Museum car show + new acquisition

WTF? A small jet-engine-mimicking, air-cooled motor in a mass-produced Czech vehicle with a pronounced dorsal fin? It's a car I always wanted to espy in person and heretofore never had until the 5.5.13 car show at Petersen Automotive Museum, Miracle Mile, Los Angeles, California. This Tatra is one of perhaps only seven in the USA. TV's Jay Leno reportedly owns the bigger version with its concomitantly larger dorsal fin.

The world's third oldest car manufacturer after Daimler and Peugot, Tatra succeeded in one of the first ever attempts at streamlining production cars, from about 1936 - 48. After WW2 post-war Communist upheavals, it now only manufactures industrial/ commercial/ military trucks. Below, my better half Mr. Twister points to godhead salient Tatra feature.

Below left, Porsches as colorful as the Disney/Pixar movie "Cars;" right, yours truly eludes a flock of gullwings (guest photographer Kurt Ingham.)


 Mr. Twister, Kirk (former bandmates in Christopher Milk) and I admire our mutual friend Rico's vintage, matte black Corvette, an invitee to the show.

While I was preoccupied with the Tatra, my better half was busy photographing a Facel Vega saying "THIS emblem says 'PARIS'."

With all these car shows under his belt (LINK,) my better half then acquired a spankin' new (used) vehicle of his own, a turbo-charged luxury station wagon. These two last photos were taken at dusk without flash with my "purse camera" Panasonic the second that this most happy fella drove aforementioned auto home; bottom pic- dogs inspecting new purchase for human remains or at least some leftover food...

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