Thursday, April 18, 2013

BRITISH CAR SHOW, Van Nuys, Calif., 2013

Top photo: Sunbeam Imp; below left, beloved of Sarah Palin-- a Bristol; right, my brother ogles a SoCal surfer-styled woodie sidecar coupled with a Triumph motorbike: room atop only for a boogie board in this instance.

April 14, 2013 proved an appropriately  overcast day to best showcase assorted Britmobiles in this year's Queen's English All British Car Show and Automobile Jumble (organization- LINK) at leafy Woodley Park, Van Nuys Calif, event free to the public. My better half Mr. Twister, my brother Randall and I were there with cameras amongst the throngs thrilling to assorted U.K. rides, racing cars and motorbikes amidst piped in British Invasion rock.  

Below, two Lotuses, (Loti?) the right one similar to that of The Prisoner's KAR 1. (Patrick McGoohan is still missed...)

Above left, beloved of Richard Thompson balladry although his song highlighted the Lightning, a Vincent Black Shadow motorbike; right, me bro and I and I, photo by Kurt Ingham.

Above left, reflective Lotus closeup; right, an iridescent Mini Cooper sure to bring smiles.

Below, my better half Mr. Twister, right, with our automobile insurance agent, an MG enthusiast. 

Left, Triumph Sprite; above- royal British Pembroke Corgi kisses, photo by Kurt Ingham

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