Thursday, April 25, 2013


TURN TO CRIME, newest sonic assault from acclaimed Michigan guitarist Derek Stanton (pictured above left on classic Epiphone Wilshire guitar) and Ian Saylor (above right on bass and additional guitars, reverse order below) played the Pehrspace gallery, downtown L.A. Apr. 4th on their tour across the U.S. with Protomartyr and others. They were a blast of fresh air with a sui generis sonic signature, in front of film montages they provided to accompany their set. 

Like fellow noisesmiths NIN, TTC sounds always are rooted in rock music structure, so no matter how music concrete they fashion the overall racket, these recognizably are songs, lead vocals by Derek.

It makes perfect sense that Derek's sonic preferences with their echoplexes, delays and weird beats mixed and derived from an oldskool videotape recording backing the duo onstage would have evolved from his former band Awesome Color. Even in that Detroit-style/noise-power trio he experimented live, seen below utilizing a tiny practice amp as slide for his guitar. It indeed sounded as fun as it looks.

Smelly Tongues, 
with two guitarists trading off lead vocals amidst interesting lighting were one of the opening acts.

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